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The Quiet Remembrance pendant serves as a wearable reminder that helps honor the spirit of a lost loved one. It is patented as the International Symbol of Remembrance so that it will always remain as a symbol of those we’ve loved.

Uniquely inspired and designed with profound meaning The oval symbolizes the spirit has “No Beginning and No End” Graceful angel wings represent the “Soul’s Ascension into Heaven”and the open space around the wings symbolizes the ” Absence of the Body”

a symbol to honor loved ones lost

You're not alone

The Quiet Remembrance is intended to be the wearers own “Quiet” way to memorialize the loss of someone who has left a hole in their heart that not even time will heal. Because of it special design and purpose, I was able to secure a United States Patent on the design, so that it would always be as special as the relationship it was intended to symbolize.

When my brother died, it exposed me to what I believe is the greatest pain that has ever pierced the human heart. My brother and I were so close that we often answered each other’s questions before the question was asked. After he died, I looked for something that I could hold on to in an irrational attempt to be close to him. I wore his belt until it was un-wearable and one of his old bow ties until it frayed beyond recognition. I so desperately wanted something that I could wear as a quiet memorial to my brother.

Since I believe with all my heart, that the spirit never dies and that my brother’s spirit lives on in my heart, I decided to have something designed that would symbolize the “Triumph of the Spirit” Something that would be as special as the love it is intended to symbolize. 

It is my hope that this wearable symbol will give you a warm sense of connectedness and something you can occasionally touch as a “quiet” way to affirm that the spirit of your loved one lives on in your heart.

VM Pollard
Founder of Quiet Remembrance



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How people talk about quiet remembrance

"I think the pendent is beautiful and I believe my 8 year old daughter said it best. ...It is a reminder that Daddy is an angel now..."
Quiet Remembrance Gold Pendant
Husband Memorial
Received Pendant
"As close as my son is in my heart, with this necklace others will ask questions and get to know him better and realize what a special young man he was."
Quiet Remembrance Gold Pendant
Son Memorial
Received Pendant
"After 9/11, this is the only memorial that helps me get through each day. I can touch it and be reminded that my grandfather is always with me."
Quiet Remembrance Gold Pendant
Grandfather Memorial
Received Pendant

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